No Lose Bingo

Just for our Newbies - we've got a no-lose party for you!

Simply make your first deposit within the past 7 days of the game and you'll have automatic access to one session of no lose bingo. You can chat to your roomies, and bingo until your heart's content.

But the best part is, if you don't win a 1line, 2lines or full house, we'll refund your losing tickets!

When: Every Thursday

Where: No Lose Bingo Room, under the Iceland Specials tab

Time: 8pm - 9pm

It really as simple as that - you may as well buy as many tickets as you can, because if you don't win you'll get all your money back anyway.

But wait, there's even more...

Look out for the Bingo Fairy who will be dropping by and waving her wand with 500 gem points each for all those who have purchased tickets in the game just gone! She'll be dropping by at different times each week, so make sure you get a ticket for each of the games so you don't miss out on your FREE 500 gem points!

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